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Norris Motorsports LSx Factory PCM Calibration Prices

All Full Chassis Dyno Calibrating Includes Idle & Cruise Drive-ability, WOT Dyno Runs w/ Wideband Oxygen Sensor and Printouts When Done.

Basic In-House Simple Changes $100-250.

Norris Motorsports In-House GM ECM Tune Pricing
Cars w/ Stock Internals               $400
Cam Only Cars                           $450
Heads & Cam Cars                    $500
Naturally Aspirated SD              $600
Forced Induction MAF        $550-650
Forced Induction SD           $700-750

Pricing may vary if your car requires additional work, repair, or modifications to ensure proper calibration. All cars coming in for tuning should be sound and properly set up to be able to handle the loads that dyno testing applies. Any vehicle that will be street tuned must have accompanying registration and insurance and license plates. 

Please note all Forced Induction and Speed Density cars will need the proper MAP sensor installed for the application.

Norris Motorsports GM ECM Mail Order Tuning - $150 & Up
Live half way across the county, or across the globe but still want a Norris Motorsports tune? No Problem. Norris Motorsports offers mail order tunes at reasonable pricing. Given our vast experience tuning thousands of unique combinations, Norris Motorsports can tweak your tune to fit your bolt on modifications quickly and easily. Mail Order tunes are perfect if you’ve installed bolt on modifications such as cold air intakes, headers, new gear ratios or torque converters. Norris Motorsports will use HP Tuners software to recalibrate your PCM on our bench to correct idle and drive-ability issues, correct check engine lights and, best of all, help you get the most from your modifications so your car runs smoother, shifts quicker and performs at its peak. 

Please note all Forced Induction Speed Density cars will need the proper MAP sensor installed for the application (This is additional to the above pricing and typically $100).  
All Automatic Transmission Vehicles with E38, E40 and E67 ECM’s will need the TCM sent in also for Transmission calibration. 6L80E equipped vehicles have an internal TCM which cannot be removed (at least easily) and not supported by the same process of sending in the ECM. It can be calibrated via e-mail if you have your own HP Tuners software. 

Our Mail order tunes are generally turned around within 24 hours of your PCM’s arrival to Norris Motorsports. Pricing includes ground shipping back to your location. Expedited shipping is available at additional cost. Please be sure to include a Norris Motorsports Tuning Information Sheet, and include it with your PCM.

Norris Motorsports GM ECM Remote Tuning
Remote calibration fees start at $300 and will require a remote PC software such as Go To My PC and a very good internet connection. Paypal, Visa or MasterCard Deposit Required.

Norris Motorsports At Your Location Tuning
For those not able to make it to my shop, traveling calibration trips are also available. Please contact me for fees and/or to set up an appointment.

Base Dyno Use & Dyno Rental Fees

Base Line Dyno Runs w/ A/F, 2-3 Runs   $75
Dyno Calibrating Time, No Air / Fuel Readings     $100 Per Hour
Dyno Calibrating Time, With Air / Fuel Readings      $125 Per Hour
Dyno Calibrating Time With Operator Using Customers Software     $200 Per Hour

We have experience calibrating with LS1 & LS2 Edit, HP Tuners, EFI Live, FAST XFI, Holley EFI, Accel DFI Gen7, Accel Thruster, MEFI4, Aeromotive, AEM.